About Our Research Group

The Future Manufacturing Processes Research Group explores how novel manufacturing processes can provide new capabilities in products and services across a wide range of industrial applications. The group has a large portfolio of externally funded research projects, in addition to significant flexible funding for long-term strategic research initiatives. The group has recently been recognised, by extensive external peer review, as world-leading.

Our manufacturing process research is conducted from an original baseline, which allows us to explore novel hypotheses and paradigms of new manufacturing capabilities. This means that a large proportion of our work involves the design, engineering, and creation of unique electro-mechanical apparatus that operates under computer-control. This involves multiple aspects of engineering. Consequently, our specialised areas of study include (but are not exclusive to):

  • Machine design and engineering
  • Materials engineering for manufacturing processes
  • Non-conventional manufacturing processes
  • Computer-aided-manufacture

Different examples of our work can be found on the Our Research section of our website